1. Rope Rug

rope rug

Take crocheting to the next level with this cute rope rug. This project includes a downloadable pattern so you can create your own 4-foot rug. Tutorial: whollyKao

2. Crocheted t-shirt Yarn Rug

Crocheted t-shirt Yarn Rug

Recycle your old t-shirts and make a great rug. More details: Creative Jewish Mom

3. Crochet Heart Rug

Crochet Heart Rug

Use this free crochet heart rug pattern and create a gorgeously plush rug which you will love forever. Free pattern at Stitch Craft Create

4. Dropcloth Rug

Dropcloth Rug

Make your own rug from a drop cloth. Get the instructions at Very Paige

5. Geometric Rug

Geometric Rug

Make your own geometric rug with this easy step-by-step tutorial via Pretty Nice

6. Chevron Painted Rug

Chevron Painted Rug

Transform your rug from boring, to spectacular by painting chevron stripes. Tutorial: The House of Smiths



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