1. Zipper Card Pouch

zipper card pouch

Too many cards for a wallet to handle? Sew a zipper card pouch and don’t have to struggle with them anymore. (Tutorial at Craft Passion)

2. Adorable Custom Baby Bibs

Adorable Custom Baby Bibs

Make this cute baby bib to keep Your little ones clothes food-free. (Tutorial at Lady by the Bay)

3. Simple Tote Bag

Simple Tote Bag

Add a lovely and practical tote to your wardrobe. (Tutorial at Handmade Therapy)

4. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Blanket will keep baby warm and snuggly while also helping to decorate the little one’s new room. (Tutorial at Momtastic)

5. Fabric Storage Basket

Fabric Storage Basket

Organize all your belongings with this handy DIY storage basket. (Tutorial at Threading My Way)

6. Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Make an apron with a front pocket that can hold your utensils as you walk around your kitchen. (Tutorial at Purl Soho)

7. Hot Handle Holder

Hot Handle Holder

Make this pan handle holder to protect yourself, your hand and fingers from the burning wrath of the cast iron. (Tutorial at Untrendy Life)

8. Sweater Slipper Boots

Sweater Slipper Boots

Give your old sweater a second life and transform it into cozy and warm slippers! (Tutorial at Home Sweet Soul)

9. Denim Snack Bag

Denim snack bag

An old pair of jeans and belt is all it takes to make this cool snack bag. (Tutorial at Between the Lines)

10. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

It is silky smooth and the perfect enhancement to your bedtime ritual. (Tutorial at Curious and Catcat)



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