“Joy” is undoubtedly one of the keywords of the holiday season. It is present in the spirit of the season, in Christmas songs, movies and cards and, of course, decoration.

The word “joy” works beautifully in the context of decorations not only because of the emotions it evokes, but also because it is simple to write and spell. What’s more, “joy” is only a 3-letter word, so it is easy to fit just about anywhere.

There is a lot you can do to incorporate the word into your holiday decoration: you can use it as part of a larger message, as a standalone decorative word, as a caption or even a background pattern.

If you’d like to spread some joy with your holiday decoration, then this is the right article for you. Keep on reading if you’d like to find some inspiration for your upcoming holiday projects.

DIY Mossy JOY Banner on the Front Door

Greet your guests with Joy using this green letter banner at your door. The letters are made from thin wood and covered in moss sheets, so they are easy to make and fully reusable. via uncommondesignsonline.

DIY Pearl Embellished JOY Letters

This project calls to a more elegant type of joy. The letters are painted in cream and decorated using strings of fake pearls, which give it an added appearance of sophistication and detail. via bloominghomestead.

DIY Joy Fur Letters

These smaller letters covered in white fur are part of a bigger decoration made to look like a scene. The fur gives the illusion of snow, much like the white decoration around this mantel. via placeofmytaste.

DIY Christmas Joy Sign Made from a Old Kitchen Cabinet Door

This large yet cute Christmas sign was made from an old cabinet door. It was painted in a distressed style for a shabby chic look which seems to work very well with the surrounding decoration. via facebook.

Photo Block Joy letters

This is yet another take on the trendy block letters. What’s original here is that the letters were painted red and then covered with mostly greyscale photos at the front to create a memory-filled pattern. via walgreens.

Painted Snowy Mason Jars with Joy Sign

These painted mason jars are a cute and different way of displaying a holiday message. The combination of the distressed paint, glitter and the decorations on the outside give it that snowy look, perfect for a White Christmas. via tinybitzofme.

Outside Joy Wreath

This big, wooden, outdoors sign is two decorations in one, as you have the word “joy” partially written in white letters against the polished wood but also a decorated wreath serving as your “o”. via fynesdesigns.

Striped Banner JOY Sign

This holiday sign has an almost nautical feel to it. The banner itself is painted in stripes, while the letters – both the blocks and painted ones – are gold. A wreath of thin gold rope makes your “o” look unique. via landeeseelandeedo.

Giant ‘JOY’ Holiday Wall Letters

This red wall decoration is somewhat simple but unique. The “j” and “y” are made from polished red block letters, while the “o” was crafted from a wreath of sorts made from ornaments and ribbon. via rosyscription.

DIY Joy Sign

This “joy” sign is a similar idea to the previous one, but with a more distressed and mismatched look. It is installed on whitewashed planks instead of the wall, and the ornaments in the “o” are silver and patterned, not only solid red. via lizmarieblog.

Easy JOY Barnwood Sign

This red Christmas sign made from a barnwood board and block letters has an intentional distressed aesthetic that looks beautiful among the rustic decoration of this fireplace area. via themagicbrushinc.

Holiday ‘JOY’ Light Marquis Canvas

This red and white canvas mantel decoration shines bright in the dark thanks to the fairy lights that are glued along the word to create the lighted marquis effect. via thechildatheartblog.

DIY Joy Pallet Sign

This “joy” sign is very cute in a rustic way and it is quite easy to make. Take polished wood block letters, cover them in patterned paper or fabric and then glue them onto a distressed wood pallet board to achieve something similar. via re-fabbed.

Glitted Joy Sign on the Mantel

This gold glitter sign may look as good as store-bought, but it is a DIY piece, and it’s actually simple to make. You basically only need to paint your block letters with metallic glitter spray paint or, alternatively, paint them a metallic color and then cover them with matching glitter using a strong glue. via suitebliss.

DIY JOY Wreath

These word wreaths, here shown placed on wooden beams and atop round mirrors, are actually quite simple to put together. Paint some thin block letters, attach each of them to a wreath and you’re ready to hang them wherever you’d like. via shanty-2-chic.

Giant DIY Christmas Wreath

This may be a giant Christmas wreath, but it’s far from being traditional. The greens are kept to a thin and disheveled layer at the rim, most of the intricate wiring is showing and the word “joy”, written in smaller white letters is the centerpiece. via homemadeginger.

Rustic Farmhouse Style Holiday Staircase Decor with Large Letters JOY Spelled Out

These giant, detailed farmhouse style block letters look beautiful and really cool along the staircase, whether you are going up or downwards. via thegraydoormarket.

Joy Wreath on the Door

This white and red door decoration is obviously candy cane inspired, thanks to the striped ribbon that connects the word. via sandandsisal.

Painted ‘JOY’ Sign

The polished black sign with the word in contrasting white that is shown here is definitely a different, more elegant take on this kind of decoration. It can be used during the whole year, too. via loveoffamilyandhome.

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

These chalkboard style flower buckets have a distinctive DIY appearance. The plants and the plaid ribbon at the rims give it a finished look and the much-needed holiday feel. via findinghomefarms.

Mirror with Burlap Joy Bunting

This burlap-centric dresser decoration would only be complete with a matching banner. The dark beige and black printed bunting banner covers the mirror partially but looks really nice and elegant in a sort of rustic manner. via housebyhoff.

Joy Vinyl Letters on Frames

Here the three red and white picture frames are connected by a ribbon to spell the word. It is a very original, decorative idea you definitely don’t see every day. The snowflake “o” makes it extra special. via expressionsvinylblog.

DIY Glitter Striped Joy Letters

Here’s a twist on your traditional block letters. These ones were painted in alternated stripes of solid and glittery gold, which gives them a really cool effect. via thepinningmama.

Front Porch Decor Planters with Little Trees and Bright Red ‘JOY’ Letters

These planters are made from reused buckets, which were decorated in a fun holiday theme to display the small trees. The red letters on the front of them add the extra touch that helps bring the whole decoration to life. via theidearoom.

DIY Joy Collage Out of Family Photos

This is another “joy” sign that uses mostly greyscale pictures as a background. The white letters and the red bow it is seemingly suspended on add life and color to the decoration. via lilikoijoy.

Joy Sign Made from Pallet Wood for Outdoor Christmas Decor

This red, white and green pallet holiday sign is made to look like it’s been snowed on, which is perfect for an outdoor decoration. via goldenboysandme.

Painted Wine Bottles with Letters JOY in Red and White

It is really original to repurpose wine bottles as DIY plant vases, but these go the extra mile with decoration. They have been painted a fully opaque white and the word is spelled in freeform red stripes, in a candy cane style. via etsy.

DIY Rustic Joy Sign for Holiday Wall Decor

This DIY wall décor is all DIY and very easy to make. The base is a painted table top, the rest are decorations you can easily find such as letters, a burlap bow, some branches and ornaments to finish it all off and add some shine. via theendearinghome.

Hobby Letters Painted and Hot Glued to Galvanized French Flower Buckets

This industrial-style decoration was put together using buckets as vases, then decorating them with dark letters and rosettes in different shades of green. via simplicityinthesouth.

DIY Peppermint JOY Letters

Believe it or not, these beautiful red and white block letters are actually decorated using real peppermint candies. It looks really cool, sure, but temperature might be an issue here, seeing as you’d rather have them whole than melting on your decoration. via idigpinterest.


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