The half bath/powder room reveal is finally here! Woohoo! Today’s post is going to be filled with a ton of pictures and not a lot of words. I will be doing a few tutorials next week on how we made this happen, but today is all about the eye candy!

This space is hardly big enough to turn around in, and I don’t own a wide angle lens so please bear with me as I try to show you all of the details!

powder room

We replaced the faucet, mirror, and lighting and I couldn’t be happier with my selections! One of our friends happens to be an electrician and he was an absolute God-send for this project. He rewired my fan so it doesn’t automatically come on with the lights. He installed a new halogen track light on the ceiling which gives off the most glorious light on the shelves, AND he installed the two sconces for me. There was a lot of patching of drywall that had to take place and he did the job perfectly!!  I wanted the sconces about six inches lower, but I totally failed to communicate my plan to him so they are a bit high.


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